GC Loader Lite

  • Plug and play installation, no soldering required.
  • Supports all GameCube versions (DOL-001 & DOL-101) and all regions.
  • Launch games and homebrew using Swiss as menu.
  • This version ONLY supports saving homebrew and game files in SD2SP2, SD Gecko, IDE-EXI.
  • Support for ISO, GCM, and DOL files.
  • Audiostreaming Support.
  • Compatible with GameCube video/HDMI/Component mods (gcvideo).


  • GC loader Lite
  • 3 Screws
  • Free SD card (Swiss boot.iso)
  • Free Gamebit 4.5mm security screwdriver
  • Free MicroSD Gecko
  • Free SD2SP2


GC Loader Lite is GameCube DVD drive replacement that allows you boot homebrew and your existing library of games on all versions and all regions. No longer do you need to worry about when your laser will burn out on your DVD drive. The GC Loader is a full replacement and acts exactly* like an original DVD drive but uses memory cards for its media.
*Some titles will load noticeably faster compared to the original DVD drive. GC Loader also has full audio streaming support.

Simply tear down the Gamecube unit with screws, swap the DVD Drive with the GC-Loader and reassemble.
A 4.5mm gamebit driver is needed to remove the gamecube case. Install Guide

Basic Usage:
This product comes with an SD card. The root directory of the SD card has copied the Swiss boot.iso file.
This Lite version ONLY supports saving homebrew and game files in SD2SP2, SD Gecko or IDE-EXI.

1. Prepare a memory and format it as FAT32. Use a program such as GUIFormat to format large Fat32 memory cards.
2. Drag your homebrew and backups to memory and insert it in SD2SP2, SD Gecko or IDE-EXI.
3. After installation, power on your console, Swiss will automatically boot and you will have access to Swiss menu.
4. Press the B button in the menu, then press the A button to enter “Device Selection”.
5. Press left or right to select your storage device, then press A to enter.
6. You now have a list of games to choose from and load, ENJOY!

The Latest version of Swiss supports the GCLoader and can be downloaded from the github.

Clean Rip:
This software can used to rip your existing library to SD.
Priacy is not condoned and this product shall not be used for this purpose.

Many titles have been tested but there might be some issues that still exist that we have not found. The firmware is easily updated so if there are any problems they will be fixed. We expect and strive for 100% compatibility.

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 5 cm